The Teacher Posts A Stem Topic and A Certified Stem Walker Fills the Request

Uberizing Teacher Professional Development With “Real Time” Training For Free

Funded By Philanthropists, Foundations and Grants

Why Participate?

  • Teachers select a topic of their choice and learn the lesson with their students “real time”
  • Teachers become confident with the subject matter and “infect” others in the building with what they’ve learned
  • Stem Walkers (retired teachers, college students, engineers, businessmen, doctors, tradesmen) share their stem expertise with students
  • Stem Walkers serve their community by supporting education and receive pay at a substitute teacher rate
  • Philanthropists select a local school to receive their donation and then teachers at that school receive free STEM training
  • Philanthropists earn a tax credit for their donation to educational institutions (nonprofit organization)

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(313) 938-4172