Free Teacher Professional Development Funded By Philanthropists, Foundations and Grants.

Connecting Teachers To STEM Professionals who Present Lessons And Training In The Classroom

Uberizing Teacher Professional Development With “Real Time” Training

You Select The Stem Topic and A Certified Stem Walker Fills the Request

Register As A Philanthropist and Get a Tax Credit

Why Participate?

  • Teachers select a topic of their choice and learn the lesson with their students “real time”
  • Teachers become confident with the subject matter and “infect” others in the building with what they’ve learned
  • Stem Walkers (business men, engineers, doctors, trade workers) share their engineering knowledge with students
  • Stem Walkers serve their community by supporting education and receive pay at a substitute teacher rate
  • Philanthropists select a local school to receive their donation and then teachers at that school receive free STEM training
  • Philanthropists earn a tax credit for their donation to educational institutions (nonprofit organization)

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